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  • Discover Yosemite Tour Package

    Discover Yosemite Tour Package

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  • Zipline Adventure Package

    Yosemite Zipline Adventure Package

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  • Sierra Mountain Biking Package

    The High Sierra Mountain Biking Package includes lodging and everything you'll need to keep you pedaling all day.

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  • Perseid Meteor Shower Package

    Led by expert astronomy guides, the two-night Yosemite vacation package includes all the bells and whistles for an experience of a lifetime!

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  • Yosemite Guided Hiking Package

    Yosemite Guided Hiking Package

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  • Yosemite Park Pass Package

    Available all seasons, Tenaya's Yosemite Park Pass Package

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  • Deluxe Pampered Pet Package

    If only the royal treatment will do for your furry friend, this is the package you seek.

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