Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Tenaya Lodge

How do I make a dinner reservation?

For reservations at Embers, please call us at 888-514-2167 and select option 2. The Sierra Restaurant also accepts reservations for groups of six or more.

What time can I check in?

Accommodations are available for check in at 4:00PM. Check out is at 11:00AM.

How can I request adjacent rooms?

You can include this request in the "Reservation Notes" section when booking on-line or you can call our Central Reservations office at 888-514-2167 and an agent will facilitate this request.

What are the hours of the pool, laundry facility, fitness center and arcade?

  • Indoor pool: 6:00 AM – Midnight
  • Outdoor Pool: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Summer Only)
  • Laundry Facility: 24 Hours
  • Fitness Center: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Arcade: 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM (Summer Hours)

Where are the nearest hiking trails?

  • Jackson Road. Leave right from the hotel and hike to a waterfall in 2.5 miles, or you can drive the first two miles and just hike the last part. Jackson Road connects to a vast network of dirt roads in the Sierra National Forest.
  • Lewis Creek. 10 minutes south of Tenaya Lodge.
  • Goat Meadow. 10 minutes north of Tenaya Lodge.

Many more options exist both in Yosemite National Park and in the vast Sierra National Forest. Speak with the concierge for suggestions and maps.

Questions About Yosemite National Park

How long does the park stay open?

The park is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

How much does it cost to enter Yosemite?

In 2015, the National Park Service raised the entry fee and moved to a two-tiered system for private vehicles.

Fee Type      November-March    April-October
Non-commercial Vehicle    $25 $30
Motorcycle    $15 $20
Individual (bus passenger, bicycle)    $15 $15

Congress created the Recreational Fee Demonstration Program to allow parks to generate additional revenue to offset increasing park operating costs. In January 1997, Yosemite's per-vehicle fee was raised from $5 to $20. In 2015, this fee was increased as noted above and the two-tiered system was introduced in an attempt to encourage off-season visitation. For a full list of fees including commercial fees and annual passes, see the National Park Service fee page. The National Park Service also offers a document explaining the fee increase.

I only have a few hours, how do I see the park?

Yosemite National Park is vast and you will only be able to see a small portion of it in a few hours, but you can still see some of the most famous sites and most breathtaking scenery. Some things to do for a short visit include:

  • Visit to Glacier Point.
  • Visit Yosemite Valley, with stops at Tunnel View and perhaps quick hikes to Bridalveil Fall and Lower Yosemite Fall (possibly dry in late summer and early autumn depending on the year).
  • Visit the Pioneer Village in Wawona and relax by the river.

For more ideas, visit the National Park Service suggested activities page.

Driving Distances

  • How far is it to Yosemite Valley? Count on roughly one hour and 15 minutes to drive the 37 miles from Tenaya Lodge to Yosemite Valley.
  • How far is it to Glacier Point? Glacier point is about a one-hour drive from Tenaya Lodge.
  • How far is to the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias? The Mariposa Grove is four miles from the hotel. Please note that the Mariposa Grove is closed for restoration until 2017. Read more about the restoration.

Is there any public transit from the airport to Tenaya Lodge?

The YARTS system provides service to Tenaya Lodge from Fresno, including the airport, Amtrak and bus stations. For pricing and a complete schedule, see the YARTS website.

Is there public transit from Tenaya Lodge to Yosemite Valley?

The YARTS system brings guests to and from Yosemite Valley multiple times per day. For pricing and a complete schedule, see the YARTS website.

Where is the Ansel Adams Gallery?

The Ansel Adams Gallery is between the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center and the Post Office in Yosemite Village.

Where is the Hill Studio?

The Hill Studio is in the Wawona Visitor Center on the grounds of the Wawona Hotel.

Why are bears breaking into cars in Yosemite?

Black bears are opportunistic feeders. Bears will break into cars to obtain food if it is more readily available than natural food sources. The only way to solve the problem is to keep all sources of unnatural food away from bears! During the day, all food in cars must be hidden from site. Cover coolers and grocery bags with a blanket or put them in the trunk. For overnight parking, all food should be removed from your vehicle and placed in your room or a secure storage locker.

Are pets allowed in the park?

  • Pets are NOT permitted in any Yosemite lodging facility.
  • Pets must be kept on leash at all times.
  • Pets may not be left unattended at any time.
  • Pets are not allowed on trails or in the back country of Yosemite, including ski trails in winter.
  • Pets are permitted anywhere on the Valley Floor, Happy Isles Nature Center and Mirror Lake Parking Lot. Pets are also permitted on the Pohono Bridge and on paved paths not designated as a foot or horse trail.
  • Pets are NOT permitted on any slope above the valley floor.
  • Pets are NOT permitted in public eating places, stores or other public buildings.
  • Exceptions are made for seeing-eye dogs and "hearing" dogs. Inquire at the Park Visitor Centers or
  • Ranger Stations for more information. (Service animals are allowed in lodging facilities).

A dog kennel is available through the Valley Stable near Curry Village from approximately Memorial Day through Labor Day. The nine kennels are available first come, first serve, reservations can be made by calling (209) 372-8438.

Where can I drive my car?

There are many scenic areas that can be reached by car. A number of these areas will have turn-outs and/or informational signs. Popular destinations such as Yosemite Valley, the Mariposa Grove and Tuolumne Meadows suffer from traffic congestion. Visitors are encouraged to use free shuttle bus transportation provided at these locations.

Areas restricted from vehicle traffic are:

  • Happy Isles Loop*
  • Mirror Lake Road*
  • Various sections of the shuttle bus route in
  • Yosemite Village*
  • Merced Grove
  • Tuolumne Grove
  • Mariposa Grove (People with permanent disabilities who possess a handicapped placard may follow a scheduled tram in their personal vehicle.)

*Excluding persons with permanent disabilities.

Free parking areas exist in proximity to these areas.

In the winter, the Tioga Road (Hwy 120 East), the Glacier Point Road from Badger Pass Ski Area to Glacier Point and the Mariposa Grove Road are closed. Other park roads may close temporarily due to heavy snow, rockslides, etc. 24-hour road and weather conditions may be obtained by calling 209-372-0200.

Are there kennel facilities in Yosemite?

Tenaya Lodge offers kennel facilities for our guests. Please note that all pets must be registered upon check-in and may never be left unattended while in the hotel.

If you don't want to leave your dog behind, but just want to take a short walk without the dog, you can use the kennels in Yosemite Valley. There are 9 kennel spaces in Yosemite Valley. As the accommodations are limited and quite spartan, you are strongly urged to make alternative arrangements for your pets while you are enjoying Yosemite National Park. Please keep in mind that pets are allowed on paved paths only and must be kept on a leash at all times. Visit the National Park Service website for more info and rules about pets. As the kennels are at the stables, pets that are nervous around large and/or unknown animals may become extremely uncomfortable. Here are a few details regarding the kennels:

  • Kennels operate from Memorial Day to Labor Day, weather permitting.
  • Kennels are located near the Valley Stable, just beyond Curry Village.
  • Occupancy is first come, first serve, reservations can be made by calling 209-372-8438.
  • "Visiting Hours" are from 8am to 5pm, daily.
  • Owners are responsible for exercising their pets, staff will not attend to these needs.
  • Kennels are open-air with no protection from the elements.
  • Pets are fed & watered once daily at approximately 4pm.
  • Pet food supplied is generic dog food, any other requirements must be provided by owners.
  • Pets will be fed & watered by DNC P&R at Yosemite, Inc.'s staff, any other special needs must be attended to by owners.
  • Blankets, dog beds, etc. must be supplied by owners.
  • Proof of current registration and written proof of immunizations (rabies, distemper, parvo, and Bordetella) must be provided by owners.
  • Dogs must be at least ten pounds and at least six months old.

Can I parachute or parasail in Yosemite?

No. 'BASE jumping' was permitted from El Capitan on a trial basis in the 1980s. However, due to the excessive number of injuries and abuses of safety restrictions, the activity is now prohibited. Parasailing is not permitted.

Where can I get nutritional information for your restaurants?

We have a downloadable information packet for all restaurants