In 2019, the Perseid Meteor Shower will peak during the night of August 12 during a new moon. Conditions couldn't be better! 

Up in the thinner air of the Sierra Nevada away from the light pollution of the city, the Perseid Meteor Shower puts on a show worth watching! Every year from late July through much of August, our planet crosses the orbit of the Swift-Tuttle comet. Tiny bits of debris, mostly about the size of a grain of sand, left behind by the comet enter the atmosphere and burn up as meteors or shooting stars as they are often known. When the Perseids are at their peak, you can see as many as 90 meteors per hour.

You will board a bus at Tenaya Lodge and be taken to Glacier Point accompanied by an expert astronomer who will be your guide for the night. In the thin, clear air at 7,200 feet far from the lights of the city, you will have a great seat at the celestial show. At the end of the night, our drivers will return you to the hotel while you relax or sleep on the bus. 

Stay tuned for information about the 2019 Perseid Meteor Shower Event!