Yosemite Tours

Why Choose Tenaya Lodge Yosemite Tours?

Of course, you can visit Yosemite on your own. But if you have only one day, a tour is an excellent way to make sure you see the highlights without the stress of having to drive yourselves. Our local guides not only do the driving, they will give you an overview of the ecology and history of the park. If you have many days to explore, taking a tour early in your stay helps orient you to the park and better plan your next outings.

Choice: Two Tours to Meet Your Needs

The Full-Day Yosemite Tour

A great overview of the most famous features of Yosemite: Mariposa Grove, Glacier Point and, of course Yosemite Valley, including Half Dome, Yosemite Falls and Bridalveil Falls (note that in dry years, Yosemite Falls may not be running in late summer and early fall). Learn More »

The Glacier Point Sunset Tour

Sunset is a special, peaceful time at Glacier Point, when the alpenglow of the setting sun turns Half Dome orange. The only bad part is driving home in the dark… unless you're lucky enough to have a Tenaya Lodge guide doing the driving! Learn More »

Comfort: Luxury Roll-Top Vans

Only Tenaya Lodge has custom air-conditioned roll-top vans that give you an unobstructed view of the sky, like an open-air tram, but that can close the top if it's too hot or too cold. Even with the top closed, our vans are dominated by glass and give you a broad view of the towering cliffs and trees of Yosemite. You can't get that experience in your car, or with any other tour operator.

Understanding: Beyond the "Wow!"

The greatest value on any tour is not the luxury van, but the knowledge of the guide. When you travel with a guide, you will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of what you're seeing. Yosemite has a high "Wow!" factor, but our guides will help you go deeper than the "Wow!" and help you appreciate what you're seeing.

Relaxation: Let Us Do the Driving

Many guests find driving the mountain roads can be fatiguing. Even those who enjoy mountain driving find that the need to watch the road makes it hard for the driver to see the sites. But you don't feel bad for the driver on your tour. They've seen the sites! Let them do the driving while you gaze in wonder.